Two Sisters in Need of a Home

Sisters adopt

We are 2 sisters, we’ve been found on the streets and saved when we were very young.
We have been fully vaccinated and waiting for the good time to be spayed.
We never been in a home, we spent more than 5 months in different kennels, we do love each other and would be very grateful if you can adopt us together.
The life in kennels is soooo stressful but we have so much love to give so you need to be very patient with us.
We are around 7 months old now and we are “STILL” waiting for a home.
PLEASE help us and share, spread the word.
If interested please do not hesitate to call Aahd 0561805258

6 month old Puppy Needs Home

Puppy Adopt

I am a 6 month old puppy, very playful and sweet love people and other animals, would be medium to big sized when full grown.
I need a home and I will do my best to give you all the love you deserve.
If you can not adopt me, nor foster me, share and spread the word maybe I can find a home through a share. If interested please call Aahd on 0561805258

1 yr old Swiss Shepherd

Swiss shepherd adopt

I am a 1 year old Swiss shepherd, very playful but very rough, I am vaccinated dewormed and neutered, I have lot of energy and needs training and discipline.
I need daily walks, preferably long ones.
I also have separation anxiety and tend to chew a lot, I jump too, this is not my fault, but my previous owners who never taught me how to play, nor how to stay alone, I was spoiled and I love do whatever I want, I am not bad and I am still a puppy so if you have time and patience, and you have experience with working dogs, please adopt me, if you can not then please share.

Nearly-blind Husky Needs a Home

Husky Adopt

Very sweet and calm female husky is looking for a foster home.
She is almost blind so she needs to be watched and cared for as she is depressed and refusing to eat. Please help her to love life again. If interested please call Aahd 0561805258



Panda Cat Adoption Panda is a male cat, he has been saved from the streets, had a severe injury, Aahd sent him to the vet for treatment and castration, he is now doing good but can not be returned to the streets (he gets beaten and bitten by other cats)
He is soooo friendly and love to be with humans, if you want to adopt Panda please call Aahd 0561805258

5 puppies in need of help


These are 5 Canaan puppies found by the pest control company, they were sent to the SHS and are safe with Aahd now but we are in need of fosterers/adopters please contact Aahd on 0561805258

Patch and Harry

Adopt Patch Adopt Harry


Hey everyone, are there any Experienced dog people out there looking for a new addition to their homes? I have 2 boys (neutered), Patch and Harry, who were rescued by a lady in July from the university campus where she works. They need homed separately. They had a rough time there there but she has worked alot with them to bring them on. They are NOT ok for families with children, so alot of folks may not be able to consider. They ARE gentle boys at heart but need encouragement and the right hand to bring them on. And a yard! I would not post if these dogs had no hope of becoming housemates. One is currently living with this lady, the other has had to be kennelled downtown for the past 3 months.